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Global Gate Internship Program

Global Gate prioritizes the establishment of strong partnerships with leading corporations globally and the internship program is a key aspect of this effort. The program is designed to benefit both the companies and the interns, providing a pathway for the talented pool of potential employees to connect with the right companies. The designers of the internship program conduct a thorough analysis of the needs of the companies, identifying the ideal intern candidate based on skills, attitudes, knowledge, and credentials.

The selection process is rigorous, with technical tests and evaluations conducted to match the right candidate with the right company. The focus is on quality over quantity, ensuring that both the company and intern receive an excellent experience. Before being placed in the host company, interns undergo intensive training programs to equip them with the skills necessary for optimal performance, including leadership, strategic management, emotional intelligence, intercultural communication, business ethics, and corporate communications.

Once placed in the host company, Global Gate closely monitors the progress of the interns and maintains open communication with the HR managers of the host companies. Any concerns or needs from either side are addressed, and Global Gate serves as a bridge between the two parties to resolve any issues that may arise.

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Copyright by Global Gate. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Globalgate. All rights reserved.